A Remembering

December 22, 2012
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When I look up into the iron blanket of the sky,
Snowflakes come tumbling down like ashes
The fire of passion, of anger, has nearly burnt out
And now, all is settling
In the melancholy way that these kind of things do
It’s almost a relief
Because deep down I realize
That I’m finally accepting it
That I don’t have to deal with the pull of heartstrings
Or all of the exhaustion that comes with a sullen attitude
The tall dead December growth
Shooting up from the ground
Sways in the gentle wind
Swaying, but not breaking off
Giving way, but not falling
It is much like us humans, that way
The winter loss is upon us
As well as many more
And those images, I cannot shake
Unmoving like the leafless trees
And rooted deep within my memory
It seems that any other thought
Is fleeting, far and in between
That the plain of my mind is bare
But for these
A young girl with sapphire eyes
A king’s last desperate attempt
To protect his innocent subjects
The frost of this season bites me
And this entire world, it seems
The North, the South, high and low
Islands on the sea
Yes, this frost does not spare any of us
No matter how brazenly we deny
Humanity does not hide from injustice
But perhaps it does from snow
Huddling in the corner
Softly humming its memorial song

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