Last Words

December 12, 2012
Pages and pages of poems
Boxes of letters carefully written
Hundreds of unsent messages
All for you...
You who broke my heart so easily
You who played with my heart as you please

I don't know for what reason this is
But I am missing you tonight
Is it a possibility that you too are thinking of me?
Is it a possibility that your feelings were sincere?
No, that's not it...
You have not changed; but I have

What to do with all of those letters?
What to do with all of my heart?
What to do with all of those poems?
What to do with my feelings?
This can't be....
No, I will not be missing you anymore

These are my last thoughts
These are my last wishes
These are the words I want you to know
Before I truly leave this world behind

For me there was no pretense
With all my heart I did love you
With all my heart I did trust you
It was not my fault, nor was it yours
Our memories were too beautiful to be forgotten
Too sweet to overlook
I don't know your true feelings; then, now, and forever
I don't want to know
I want this to be a beautiful goodbye

I won't be contacting you
You wont hear of me from anyone
I will leave this amazing world
To live in a better world where love and trust exist
I will totally disappear
I will totally leave now
This is my last farewell, and I shan't miss you again

Live happily, meet a girl
Love her like you loved me
But don't you ever betray her
Make her the happiest peron in the world
Just like you did me once before

This is my last one...
I was so blinded in love, I made the biggest mistake in life
You and me, we belong in different worlds
Romeo and Juliet? That's never us
Romeo kept his promises, you broke yours
You only think of yourself, while I only think of you

What exactly was I thinking?
What mess have I gotten myself into?
Why did I let my guards down and let you in?
Me and you? it had never make sense from the beginning
Why did I convince myself we were possible?
Why did we make other people believe we were possible?

Me--I'll disappear now
From now on,
I don't know you
You don't know me
We have never crossed path
We are two strangers on the street

You go live your life happily
Find a girl and make her happy
I'll go my own way,
And I will find my own Romeo

I'll find one who dances better than you
Who is more handsome than you
I'll find one who is willing to wait for me
Who is willing to keep his promises
So that's why I am going my own way

This is not a break up poem
Nor am I asking for your pity
The words I can't say up till now because of guilt
Those words are coming out shamelessly
I have decided to let you go completely
Those words I can't say to you
Are now finally coming out shamelessly

For the memories, thank you
For those pains, thank you
For making me shed my tears, thank you
For the lessons, thank you
For playing with my heart, thank you
For tearing me apart, thank you
For staying next to me when I needed you, thank you

With this, we go back to being strangers

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