Cycles of Natural Gossamers

December 21, 2012
The world we live in sets apart,

the rivers and oceans isn't smart,

we mustn't fall in our lives,

yet that never may seem so,

and even with you oh so might,

everyone still has a fright.

And even with the dawning seas,

we must continue quickly.

For the storms of the wretched past,

are finally arriving at last.

With the terrible spells,

we all seemed to hate the gods,

but whatever the odds,

we must exceed our goals.

Planning, brainstorming, and drafting,

our poems give you lessons.

Yet not all appreciate the flaws,

since it seem to break laws.

But even with the perfected scenes,

our lives are not a gleam.

As the sun rose it's warm cheeks,

our secrets are all sworn,

but even as the mighty storms

covered up the desolate land,

our hands are still held,

our bonds still strong.

The world is a deadly place,

including encounters with race,

but our ways give us the best,

to push us to the test.

Life and death,

anger and hatred,

survival and hunger,

hurry up and fix them,

for we're not getting any younger.

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