The War of Words

December 21, 2012
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I saw him stand with an icy look.
Staring me down with anger, he shook.
He tortured me day after day
But today, he would not have his way.

With looks now armed and words now drawn,
We both knew this battle was going to be long.
My pen is mightier than his sword
And after my victory, he will be praying to the Lord.

With all of his strength, his insults he flung.
Thinking this battle, he already won.
Insult after insult and threat after threat
Don't count me out of this battle just yet.

I stood back up, with wounds still new and still fresh
And his weapons still sticking out of my flesh.
I swung my blades with everything I could throw
And made him sustain every single blow.

I could see in his eyes that he was about to yield
For I had slain him on this academic battlefield.
In the school halls, this battle I won.
"You win this time, but the war is far from gone."

With my head high and a new found fight,
I got to claim the victory this night.
The guys say I won and the girls say I was fairer
And now they crown me as the big bully slayer.

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