The heavens and I

December 21, 2012
By brittanie GOLD, Lansing, North Carolina
brittanie GOLD, Lansing, North Carolina
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Love who You are, no who people want you to be.

The dark skies fill with bright light
As you loOK up you can see the heavens.
Birds sing, angels fly around.
You loOK over and there he is, your childhood love.
He has been weighting on you for years.
He missed you so much.
Once you see him you run to him you can almost touch him, then
He and the light of heaven disappear, you see darkness you see fire.
You keep loOKing up not knowing what was going on.
You see people but they loOK sad, they run to you trying to bite, grab, and cut you. You scream, you scream louder with ever loOK at them.
Then all of a sudden you wake up, your mom is by your side, your in the hospital, you have been in a wreck and are on life support. You cannot move, you cannot talk. But you can see everything going on. Your mom loOKs at you, telling you she loved you and that she was sorry. You loOK up at her wanting to say it was OK, but you never get the chance, you soon see that same bright light you saw before, only this time your standing at a golden gate and you can see people inside, they say ”come in” we have bee weighting on you.
You spend the rest of your days watching over your family and living with your childhood sweet heart.
Each year you grow older till you cannot any more. Your family is there with you; they hug you and kiss you. They miss being on earth but here in Heaven anything is possible.
Being with your family and friends was good enough

The author's comments:
this is for when we all need a little more to think about, each day is worth a million words but you only get one chance to do each thing in your life.

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