Truth of my Heart

December 11, 2012
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My heart is not 2 dimensional,
or formed by two upside down J's.
It is not a pale pink colour nor is it plain.
My heart is not empty.
It does not repeatedly lay on a piece of
parchment in your notebook.
You see, my heart is 3 dimensional.
It is painted crimson Red by the blood,
and outlined with veins.
My heart lies below my sternum,
and if you were to look down and a fraction
to the left your eyes would see where it lies.
It is not absent of everything like your paper heart.
It is consumed of blood and upon the walls
are muscles, whom allow my very heart
to beat.
The heart you trace on every blank page
is smooth, without interruption to the pink.
But my heart isn't smooth, it's covered
by scars upon scars left by you.
So do not say you are drawing "my heart,"
for it would be untrue.
As well as the three words written below.
"I love you."

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