Once I Found You

December 10, 2012
When I think about rain
I think about singing
When I think about singing
It’s a heavenly tune
When I think about heaven
I think about angels
When I think about angels
I think about you
When I think about you
I think about your smile
When I think about your smile
I think about your lips
When I think about your lips
I think about your kiss
When I think about your kiss
I think about the feeling that I get
That feeling of butterflies
Dancing in my stomach
That feeling of nerves
Running through my body
As you hold me in your arms
And I look in your eyes
I see what lies beyond
I see the real you

Being by your side
I wish for every night
It’s strange without you
Like there’s no comfort
It doesn’t feel right
But when I’m with you
Everything seems perfect
Being with you
I feel stronger, confident
With you
I can do anything
With you
My life is complete
I am whole

I miss you every time
You’re not around
Going home after staying
I feel alone
When you’re not next to me
I feel vulnerable
I feel safer with you
Then when alone

You are a gift
From the heavens
That I’ll always cherish
And every memory made
I’ll never give you away
I will always fight
For what we share
Is worth fighting for

Our love a mystery
We’re still piecing together
No clues given
No clues received
It’s a puzzle we must solve together
For our connection is strong
Even when we don’t talk
We grow closer afterwards
And moments seem more precious
After being apart for a while

Every time I see you
Every time I talk to you
Every time I hear your name
I can’t help but smile
You make me weak
The way you look at me
Your eyes showing, telling
The love you have for me
No one understands what we share
But it’s not something you can explain
Your presence makes me nervous
It grows when you move closer
Your touch gives me chills
Leaving goosebumps
Running all over
Your kiss lingers
With every one
Like drinking hot chocolate
And the taste doesn’t go away
Your green eyes
Put me in a trance
I can’t look away
From the beauty hidden within
I have fallen head over heels
For I have been searching so long
To find someone like you
Who would show me
What love truly is

It’s hard to find words
That could explain my feelings
But I’ll never stop trying
For you tell me everyday
What I mean to you
In words so sweet
And words unspoken
They dance in my head
Beautiful memories
That I’ll never lose
Because you are the one I choose

Sharing my life with you
Is a dream come true
They say your true love is out there
But I never would’ve found mine
Without this change in time
Moving was a nightmare
But it was all worth it
Once I found you

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