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December 21, 2012
By Miranda2013 GOLD, Clintwood, Virginia
Miranda2013 GOLD, Clintwood, Virginia
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Have you ever looked
deeply into a sad child's eyes, or
have you ever stopped to listen
the their sad and lonley cries.
Most people refuse to believe it
although it is quite true,
that many children need mercy today
as many also need you.
So many children are beaten
and living in despair,
cause we don't ever realize that
they need someone to care.
So many families are starving,
and often wondering why
that we don't stop to help them
and continue on with our own lives.
So many fatherless children
who will never understand
why they have no precious daddy
or the strength of a loving father's hand.
So many homeless people
living on the street
while we're kept warm and cozy
and have plenty to eat.
This world is very greedy
and we should all understand
that we could be a sad, beaten child,
homeless and hungry family,
or a child all grown up to be a fatherless man.
Today someone may be reaching
out to take your hand
hoping that you'll care for them
and that you'll understand.
Don't ever pass up a moment
when you got a hand to lend,
because someone out there may need you
and later you may need them.

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