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December 21, 2012
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Ed Sheeran plays into my ears as I look in the purple shade sky
The wind as always plays and pushes my broken hair to my eyes
Eleven more days till 2013
My god this whole year went by a breeze
To know in 2 more years I’ll be off to a new life
To become independent, strong and rebellious and later on feel strife

All the things I ever wanted to do
Have yet to be accomplished even right now as a sophomore
But I should be happy for things I have that others wished for
I’ll always enjoy the stupid, hilarious, and tear-jerking moments at school
I’ll be 30 remembering the times how I acted as a nerdy fool

As I continue to listen to the slow strum of the guitar that goes along with the song
I look back into my first time being shot by cupid which I thought was wrong
The little thing missed the wrong person, at the wrong time
Love got to me and changed my whole meaning of life
It was fun, heartwarming but it was time for me to wake up
The dream soon had to go and like a bubble, pop

Slowly the sun is disappearing bit by bit
The song has ended leaving me only with the mischievous wind
As it becomes cold and the hairs on my arm began to trickle I look back
Should I try to stay in the comfort of 2012 and be mad?
Must I go along with the plans set forth for me?
Or go crazy and run north and scream
But there’s always a new beginning, a new life
A second chance to be alive
But am I ready for change
How it drives me insane
What do I do?
I think I’m ready, how about you?

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