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December 20, 2012
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When I close my eyes I see it
(An ephemeral glimpse, a spark
In a dark room
I flip the switch on the wall
Artificial light is blinding in the night)
I open my eyes, feeling a gentle breeze on my back,
To see snow fluttering toward the pavement
My whole is nearly frozen as I admire diamonds
Twinkling beneath the streetlamp
The pines shiver again as she whispers into my ear
"My dear..." I think I nearly hear
Then I see it
A fawn in cover if the dark woods across the road
Nibbling on the vibrant petals
Of the final rose
Struggling in the frost
It looks up, alert
We lock eyes and again I see it
(An ephemeral glimpse, a spark
Deep in a tunnel where the light has faded away
I turn on the headlights of my car)
I look up to find the snow has stopped falling
My boots are dusted with flakes of white
And my winter fawn has departed

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