To Me

December 19, 2012
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to tell you what you mean to me would take a thousand words, maybe more
maybe all there is
it would take a journey to the deepest depths of the human mind
an unapproachable kind of language
it would wake the moons of a dozen unmanned planets
the dust of a thousand orphaned stars
some kind of wonder
it would take a world of people shedding their masks
a thousand years of our lifetime
a thousand pieces of paper inked in mistakes
simple things, water, candles, love, a note tucked inside your pocket but
to tell you what you mean to me you would have to
read that note
and that’s where the hard part comes in
we would have to live in a world where it’s okay
for a girl to tell a boy he’s everything to her
you would have to know the words a heart alone cannot speak
you would have to trust me with your life to know
i trust you with mine
to tell you what you mean to me
would take a thousand rays of sun,
a thousand flying kites, a thousand bags of skittles
it would take me understanding calculus and knowing how to fly
a jar to hold the sunrise
it would take the knowledge of a thousand great achievers
a thousand lines of verse
from the greatest romantics ever known
every grain of sand ever used to build a castle
every carving in a tree
or the back of a chair
to tell you what you mean to me would need a thousand fairytales, a thousand kisses in the rain
a thousand happily ever afters
but, against my will, I can’t fly
many great romantics are long gone
the sunrise is too grand for a jar
not all fairy tales have happy endings
and so, I’ll do it my way
instead, I’ll tell you what you hear every day
those three words I use too much
maybe it doesn’t say enough but its as close as I can get
fully, completely, unconditionally
i love you

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