The solo : the magic of the movement

December 19, 2012
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It’s concert time
My solo is drawing near
As go over the lyrics my head
The last song ends

It’s finally here

I walk up the stairs to the stage
Move in front of the mic
Take a deep breathe,
Glance at the audience,
And Think, o dear, why did I volunteer to be here?
Like jumping off a high dive
I push myself and my fear aside
I nod to the pianist and soon she’s in full gear

The music begins
And I take a deep breath
I begin to sing first verse
As I sing the first words of the song
My voice is strong,
Despite the fact I am shaking in fear

The Music picks up and my egnery picks
I begin to sing louder, with more confidence too
I can’t help but smile,

As the music get louder, and stronger
I go farther into the paradise
And the music takes over
It no longer sound out of my mouth and into my ear
I lose all fear
I am all powerful now
The music surround me
And like warm blanket it wraps in wonder and delight
It feels so right
I feel good.

The song comes to a close
I belt the last note,
As soon as the song ends,
The applause begins
They clap and cheer
I feel like all the world can hear,
And for a little while , I think of nothing else,
But the magic of the moment

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