Sometimes, I think

December 19, 2012
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Sometimes I think,

About short term stuff,
Like my math homework for tonight or what have for lunch

Sometimes I think,
About the past
About happy memory that have last will
A lifetime,
For all time,
Because I can’t forget them

Sometimes, I think about the trouble I face
Small stuff like math test that didn’t ace
Or my friends, and finding a place
In this crazy wasteland called middle school
They say, give it sometime, and it will be cool
But if doesn’t

Sometimes I think,
about the world we live,
a world of sorrow
about world full of problem they can’t wait for tomorrow
a place where world are fought
and discriminate rotes the soul
maybe some day, peace will come and we’ll all be whole
I guess, that all of humanity goal

Sometimes I think , about the dark past,
about could been
about what if cost, if lost the thing I thought I would’ve lost
about time that plan bad,
I don’t know why wallow in my pity when sad

Sometimes I think
I guess this good,
When think, all that come from it good
But, then again, sometimes I thing dream
I dream about the wonder of tomorrow
About all treasure find
The ideas I’ll mine
About not having in sorrow
About thing I shall see, the place of my tomorrow
About where will go and what I’ll do

Sometimes, I do think
I prefer

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