The Real Meaning of Flight

December 17, 2012
By carolinagirl996 BRONZE, Wake Forest, North Carolina
carolinagirl996 BRONZE, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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Carried up high towards the sky

I want to fly.

Because if I was a bird

I’d spread my wings

and never cry.

up, up, up

towards the sun

and sail above the clouds

up here, I’m the only one.

the ground far below me now,

I don’t hear a peep,

and the thoughts in my head

that I try to keep hidden

are suddenly put to sleep.

The day’s been spent running,

and my legs are sore,

and my heart grows heavy,

so I fly towards the shore.

The waves pound and crash

the tide is high

the salty air fills my lungs,

but up here, I stay dry.

Once again, I move on

and fly to the city.

The streets are crowded and loud

but the glowing lights are oh, so pretty.

Then the sun goes down behind me

and down to the ground I fall,

and I’m reminded that I’m held here by gravity,

Down here,

I am small.

but I feel the grass

and the dirt underneath my feet,

and I think to myself

Why am I always so easily beat?

In life, we crash

and fall like the tide,

but that’s the good part of life,

We hold on for the ride.

Before we know it

up again we rise,

towards the goal, that dream we yearn for

and so I pick my head up

and I look to the skies.

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