Hello To My City

December 16, 2012
Home, I swear, is the last place I thought,
I would ever feel so hopeless,
or ever feel so lost.

They say that I'm a small town girl,
and their observations deem true.
But small town kid is not for me,
As it is for you.

The push and the pull,
just tear me away.
From the place I'm headed,
my 18th birthday.

The city, the lights,
the possibilities.
Not this town,
and its bias impurities.

The city is not pure,
but it's where I belong.
And I won't forget my heart,
I'll bring it along.

I'll always know my morals,
I'll always know my values.
But the city that never sleeps,
is calling for me now too.

'Lights, camera, action',
is ringing in my ears.
It's ringing through my city,
and ringing through my home here.

I know this place,
and I'll remember your faces.
But it's all held me back,
and I can hardly take it.

Goodbye little town,
where everything is pretty.
Off to the lights,
hello to my city... <3

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