Finding ligh

December 19, 2012
Every moment of every second I'm being forced into an unknown destination - Renovation. All I need is time; Time to find words to this rhyme. Or to fix a broken me. Me. I can't remember the she who is me. Who am I? You look at me differently when you see my eyes. What? You don't like the anger and fire held inside? NO. You don't see the girl I want to, need to, crave to be. I knew you a time before we met. But you didn't realize ME yet. Look at the desire for lust where love should be. Screw it. Leave it. Throw me in the trash. Get lonely. Feel lucky. Go searching through the filth and dirt. What will it take for you to love and respect me like I deserve? And while I sit here-alone-searching for loving words I'll never say. Oh I'll say them, they'll just be the best words no one ever heard. So tune me out and lock me in, keep your hopes that my life will soon give in. And stare at me so I can stare you down. I'm tired of always being pushed around...wait. Out of the darkness, what is this I see? Can this sense of love and light be meant for me? Little too late to notice or care, but better now than ever. I thank a higher being and to the new man that is my light...maybe you'll be my reason to remain

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