The Hero

December 16, 2012
Twisted in branches
Stuck never find your way out
I told you Fate was a nasty thing
But you would listen
You never do

And now you’re paying for it
I told you so.
Wait! What are you doing now?
How are you getting free…?
You’re not supposed to!
By Zeus, if I ever get my hands on you
You’ll be a sight to see
Slashing, hacking, desperate
And now you’re out.
Well, I’ll send some playfellows
Let’s see how you deal with those
Curse you fellow
Beating my poor babies
Go harpies, go giants
Go wind spirits, go Medusa.
Beat that hero to pulp
Bring me back his head
When he’s dead I’ll reward you
I just want him gone.
He deserves all pain he gets
Trickster he betrayed me
For years I’ve been waiting for this moment
Nothing will take it from me
I will see you dead little hero
Just wait and see.

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