Found Poem

December 16, 2012
So many thoughts
Swirling in the back of my head
Pounding, pounding
Trying to break through
I push them back

One moment
A diamond in the ruff
Total, utter, peace

Sitting on top of a grassy hill,
Looking out into the distance
Over a river, through the trees
The sun setting
A curve of gold

Laying on a hearth
Crackling, scented, warmth
A fire next to me
A pine tree in the far corner
The glow of a home

Running, sprinting
Dodging drops as I go
Street lights illuminating their every movie
The street suddenly slick, soaking in loveliness
Dancing, twirling, as free as could be
Through the storm

I chose to push them away
In these moments
I was free, unattached
To the things holding me down
There was peace

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