Flightless Bird

December 13, 2012
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I spend my days dreaming of being a bird –
Never having a place to call home,
Never having to worry about anyone aside myself,
I can feel my wings go numb, as I beat faster,
Finding a joyous freedom soaring through the sky,
My wings burn as I climb among the stars.
A moment of serenity is reached –
A crushing silence of nothingness is thrust upon me.
Climbing higher –
Climbing to where up becomes down and down becomes up.
My heart races to keep up,
But I managed to leave it down below.
It screams at me, –
Comeback… comeback
But I’m too busy chasing the light of falling comets,
But I should know,
Even the brightest of things fade.
And when nothing but dreams are left…,
Well, those fade, too…,
But only if you let’em do.

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