A broken Heart

December 15, 2012
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Through all the abuse that my heart has taken,
I don’t know if it could ever again be awaken.

The past has been tough and I’d like to think,
That I’ve become stronger but I can feel is myself sink.

Your voice is a small whisper that encompasses all my dreams,
Panting, I wake up realizing everything is not what it seems.

You once were by my side but you have left me in the dirt,
I keep my eyes open to find you again, always alert.

I laugh and wear a fake smile so that others don’t fret
But I am still crying inside, I haven’t gotten over you yet.

I try closing my eyes and pretending it’s just my imagination,
It is the only way I can escape the pain, my only salvation.

This wall that has built is growing with every new hit,
It’s making it harder and harder for my heart to commit.

Hopefully one day someone will conquer it all, but who will it be?
Not just anyone, but someone who will love me for me.

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