My Christmas List for the World

December 14, 2012
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Dear Santa,
I wish for world peace
I wish that just once I could turn on the news and learn that not a single man or woman had been killed
I wish there was no more wars
I wish there was no more countries for there was no need to be divided
I wish every one was truly equal
I wish that I would want for nothing more than the happiness of my friends, family, and enemies
I wish that every one had the same luxuries of a house, family, and food that I do
I wish that no one would be judged for their sex, skin color, interests, or sexuality bubt by the amount of goodness in their hearts
I wish I didn’t have to wish for any of these things
I wish I wish I wish
I’ve rubbed every genies lamp
And prayed on every shooting star
I’ve searched and searched for that four leaf clover
And what have I got so far
I know its childish to be asking Santa but
At this point
I'm getting desperate
I would do anything to just make one of these wishes come true
Though I doubt I will ever see that
But that’s why I'm writing to you

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