Beautiful Children

December 14, 2012
Today the nation weeps.
Broken prayers are whispered, begging for something to put together shattered hearts
Searching for answers to questions too painful to even bear
Wondering how there could possibly be so much evil in the world
How one could even think of taking away the life of an innocent
How one could destroy the futures of those only beginning to dream
Tonight they will sleep in God’s warm arms while angels sing murmured lullabies
Tomorrow they will dance with Jesus in never-ending light
He will hold their tiny hands in his and whisper how much they are loved
For now, the skies are black with unbearable pain
The night is never-ending and we wonder why
But soon, the stars will shine as God reminds us that they are always with Him
They will smile down at us with innocent hearts while their laughter echoes through the cool air
Tonight, we will dream of all the beautiful children.

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