The Barefoot Boy

December 13, 2012
By sammyboi2 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
sammyboi2 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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Waking up in the morning with not a worry in the world
And happy as can be is the barefoot boy
Throws on an old shirt, with shorts that do not match
With his favorite hat is the barefoot boy
After being forced to brush his teeth and eating breakfast
Out the door is the barefoot boy
He jumps on his Mongoose bicycle and pedals as fast as he can go
Feeling the air on his face is the barefoot boy
Arriving at his destination he can hear the screams of the neighborhood boys
None of the boys have shoes on; with his people is the barefoot boy
The boys split into teams and begin to play America’s pastime
Now up to bat is the barefoot boy
He feels the sun beaming on his nose, sweat trickle down his back and joy throughout his body
At total peace, and complete happiness is the barefoot boy
The pitcher throws a fastball right down the middle, his eyes widen, this is his pitch
He awaits the pitch; all eyes are on the barefoot boy
The ball finally arrives, he swings with all his mite, he feels the bat and ball make contact
The ball soars and soars, over the fence; the hero of the game is the barefoot boy
He and his teammates celebrate in triumph, until they hear a call for lunch from a mother
Pedaling as fast as he can back home is the barefoot boy
He arrives home to the scent of mac n cheese with chicken strips
Washes his hands and now ready to eat is the barefoot boy
The boy gobbles down the food before the babysitter can even make her own plate
Running out the door once again is the barefoot boy
The sun now beams at its highest point which means it is noon
The mongoose bicycle is now headed in a different direction and so is the barefoot boy
The boy soon hears the sound of rushing water and the laughter of children
Now arriving at the swimming hole is the barefoot boy
He splashes and giggles with the rest of the boys and enjoys the beautiful Summer breeze
Now in a state of total nirvana is the barefoot boy
With hardly any energy left the boy walks with mongoose bicycle back home
Nearing absolute exhaustion and finally home is the barefoot boy
The boy settles down for a little catnap to dream about what tomorrow will bring for him
The summer of his life has just begun for the barefoot boy

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