December 13, 2012
Sometimes I feel lonely,
Other times I get scared,
There are times where I am silly
And those times are often shared.
I usually tell stories
And speak through rhyme
My tongue usually gets tangled
I've got so much to teach
Fear runs through my veins
I shut off my brain
The adrenaline speeds up
I know I have sinned
But this shall not be enemy
All this talk turns my head
I'd rather run instead
I wouldn't walk or I'd be too slow
I'mm rather a person who's on the go
Ideas that scare me pop into my head
For fear I'll keep changing them and instead
I won't be on top and have love
For in reality I'll get trampled on.
No one will look at me the same way
Cause apparently I have changed.
I have let the fear eat me inside
Now to take the bitter sweet ride

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