Is it?

December 12, 2012
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It's a constant guessing game
Wondering where to place the blame.
Should it be you
And your eyes
Or me
And my constant why's?
Is it them,
And their judgement
Or distance
And her perfect placement?
Is it her
And her flawless style,
Or him
And his crooked smile?
Is it in the translation
Or miss communication?
Is it no consideration
Or my harsh statement?
Is it promises broken,
Or words misspoken?
Is it the dark of night,
Or a cry in the morning light?
Is it how quickly you fled,
Or the words I said?
Is it the things we forgot,
Or the chance we never got?
Is it late night talks
Or arguments when we walked?
Is it holding bands
Or ever changing plans?
I could spend forever
Wondering what went wring
But that would be
A never ending song,
Not moving on.

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