Cold Plain Wallls

December 12, 2012
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The black chalk board faces me like a standoff,
Andrea wearing the ridiculous dunce hat can’t keep a straight face,
The plain white walls are a dull sight, yet scream they have seen many things.

Though it’s dreary outside, the fluorescent light bulbs brighten the antique classroom,
It barely illuminates the despondent day, yet it brings some warmth,
Its dull color infuses energy to our enervating bodies.

Button’s enthusiastic voice educating us is broken occasionally with teenager’s laughter,
The heat slithering in through the vent keeps a constant vibrating in the background,
Enthusiastic whispers cover the creaking of the ancient wood floors.

What children sat where I sat?
Were they like me?
Did many Confederate soldiers see sad children’s faces as the school was transformed into a hospital?
As Alli and I sit as young girls did back in the 17-18 hundreds, pure glee washes over me as my peers demonstrate old punishments,
The feeling of understanding leaks into me as he explains the Massie School’s long hard story.
Enjoyment stirs up my inner learner to attention to soak up every piece of knowledge.

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