Voice of the Heart

December 12, 2012
By celestealexandra BRONZE, Melbourne Beach, Florida
celestealexandra BRONZE, Melbourne Beach, Florida
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I look deep into my heart.
I wish for comfort, shelter, encouragement, a helping hand, a way out,
I try and try to win her deceptive games,
But rarely do any of my tactics work.
I just want to give up,
And die.
I want to float away from this world,
Into an unknown world of what is called a fantasy.
But that little voice in my head says no, you can do this,
Stay strong.
I listen and react with confidence.
I do my best and try hard,
I must defeat the pain, this awful pain, down inside of me.
Then in an instant of uncertainty, in a moment in which the world stood still,
When finally that voice came back to me once again and reassured me.
When all the doors had seemed to have been opened,
I finally looked at my life,
And noticed something that had never been accomplished before.
I came to realize that through perseverance,
Through the empowerment within me,
And with my heart still in line,
I realized I had finally
And that I was, and would forever be,

The author's comments:
Inspired by the book "A Child Called It", this poem is a representation of David's struggle to freedom. The book is an eye-opening reading experience that isn't for everyone, so please be cautioned if you decide to read.

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