Sincerely, Joe

December 12, 2012
By buckbb BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
buckbb BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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Dear Mr. President,
I have something to say
I know you won’t like it
But I’ll speak it anyway

You arrived in ‘08
Proclaiming hope and change
Which is all just great
But to me, it seemed strange

All throughout the race
I found it hard to look you in the face
Even though I was expected to want you to win
I still found it hard to look at you and grin

Alas, you won the election
Though I had secretly hoped for a rejection
Then I settled down to wait
To see what would be dealt by fate

Four years and four trillion later
It is clear what you say doesn’t matter
You promised to halve the debt
But we’re worse off than when Bush left

You speak of Bin Laden
And of the recovery of GM
What about Chris Stevens?
A very brave, but forgotten man

Now Mitt’s taking it to your corner
And now you’re both at war
He speaks about cutting spending
And all you can talk about is Big Bird being shown the door

We’ll see what happens in Election 2012
If it’s a Romney victory
I will try not to flee
Because all I want to do is swear on national TV!

With pleasure,
Joe Biden

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