This is the Heart of the Lonely

December 10, 2012
By dalty PLATINUM, Gaithersburg, Maryland
dalty PLATINUM, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
That at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That's the world's greatest lie." - Paulo Coelho

When you plant many seeds, and none of them grow
and you try and you try, but you can’t find hope.
You wish on the stars, and the stars collide to destroy
the one thing you dream of.
When you tell yourself
maybe one day
just have patience
and you tell yourself
God if you love me
God, please keep your promises
because you don’t want to die alone.
And your feet hit the fire,
and it’s cold.
The temperature reminds you to stay alive;
A beating heart with cold bones.
You’re a contradiction - you’re confused, then the hot and cold leave you.
Then you’re numb.
You’re still.
Is this patience, is this reality?
You just don’t care and your heart feels torn.
When the ocean’s currents reverse the tides,
and the moon orbits backwards, and we’re still alive.
You’re living in the Armageddon; barely breathing, but staying alive.
When all you’re really searching for is love, it’s the one thing
you’ll never find.
We fall in love for a reason, but there can only be one accident at a time.
One of God’s promises he’s keeping is that you’ll never be given more than you can handle.
So right now, everything just has to wait. And be patient. And be still.
This is the heart of the lonely

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