December 7, 2012
By Worshipper BRONZE, Libby, Montana
Worshipper BRONZE, Libby, Montana
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Last night I lay awake looking up at the ceiling and unasked myself "Where the heck is my roof?"

Fragments of hope are fading,
Her dream has rode away.
On blackest stallion sailing,
Her princes love at bay.
But love is just a lyric,
To make it sound Okay.
To leave Princess unguarded.
And thief out of his cage.
He might have asked.
She might have caved.
But either way it's broken.
She might have known,
Had she been told,
Had somebody have spoken.
And told her whats behind the veil,
They forbid her to open.

The author's comments:
This poem is about the inner turmoil I face everyday knowing that I cannot do certain things just because other people have told me that I can't do them. And I long to break free from their rules and rebel, but I am afraid that my athorities are right and that it will only hurt. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just took a peek at the forbidden for once, if I just secretly crossed the line. But I always turn back in fear.
The poem itself is more on the subject of love. You see my parent's wont allow me to have romantic relations with anybody they don't approve of and it is extremely difficult to get their approval anymore, so obviously I've had several "Secret lovers" but none of them have turned out like I've planned, most all of them were hid behind a mask of loveliness until they decided they didn't want me anymore, then out came the demon my parent's warn me about.

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