December 7, 2012
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Type love
We got a love like me admitting
to my notebook
More than I do to myself about how much
I think about him type love
Seeing how the gaps between his fingers
Match the gaps between my fingers
So perfectly type love
I need to
Tweet him 24/7 type love

“You hang up”
“No you hang up”
Type love
wanting to see that weird
But oh so sexy smile on his
Face type love

I wanna sing him songs,
Read him love poems that express how I feel because I’m too scared to say it type love
Me sleeping in his shirt
Just to be near him type love
Putting breath mints in my mouth when he is coming because I know he’s coming for a kiss type love, and me having bad breath just might make him want to rethink about our love

I love the way that he treats his mama
I love that gap in between his teeth
I love him from personal, to universal,
And most of all its unconditional type love

We got a love that makes me want to
Give up on Justin Beiber
Okay in lying
But maybe I’ll limit myself on how much
I talk about, and listen to him
Maybe I’ll stop writing “J+H” in hearts
In my of course, Justin Beiber notebook type love

Romeo and Juliet type love
Bonnie and Clyde type love
Tom and Jerry Type love
Whitney and Bobbie type love
Mickey and Minnie type love
His and my type love

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