"Ice Breaker"

December 8, 2012
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Standing up slowly and peacefully
Taking a deep breath, taking advantage
Of the 10 seconds I had to describe myself
In one word, I know your probably thinking
Realistically like any other individual would; I choose the basic
Indescribable, plain, dull common words… such as “nice, funny or, kind.”
Me, no, I chose heartless, sat down and closed my eyes thinking “what did I just do.”
Totally forgetting I was in psychology class, where minds quickly
Erupt, guzzling thoughts that are incontrollable.
Thinking I had the easy way out, I got the opposite of what I wanted.. the spotlight.
My teacher loudly and curious, yells “heartless, displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration”
The bell rings, the encore starts, the lights dim,
Already knowing what steps were coming next,
I avoided further embarrassment
Carelessly, I stood up walked to the front of the class
Froze on the X.
Closed my eyes,
Cupped my hands,
Inhaling and exhaling
I began..
“Heartless is a emotion,
No longer acknowledging the little voice that always wants to rebel against, what always seems to be right.”
Brittani, yeah that’s me
I’ve come to accept that life is about learning lessons, and teaching them
I’ve learned that trying to please the world will only get you so far
Before you hit disappoint
But shame on me, for expecting the world
To put their life on pause, just to bow down to my wants
But then again why should I blame myself for living in the world of,
Recycled traditions, just practicing what my previous peers preach,
I’m not heartless, nor sentimental
I’ve come to accept, not one word could ever sum up what makes me.. me
Anyone who could is just retracing the lines that were already created.
But me, I live everyday creating the lines that
People with hearts.. Never could.
I speak what’s really on my mind, instead of
Sugar-coating, what my peers believe to be socially acceptable.
That’s what makes me heartless..
But why not be heartless, and be me..
Then have a heart, and become a repainted image, of what was already faded.

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