Deep Cut

December 9, 2012
Deep tissue laceration
Cut clean –perhaps by dynamic heat.
Amplified laser? No
Cleaner, deeper is the cut
A blindingly hot beam:
wavelengths scrunched into solid.
There are further traces of radiation.
The flesh has been altered
and genetic fabric rearranged.
So new is this observation
to us and the patient.
He is anesthetized, strangely
blind as is the disease.
But peaceful.

There is no treatment.
Rather, there is no issue detected…
there is a scar less than hairline thin,
but visibly only his smile shows.
To my puzzlement he speaks to no end
of a contact.
He says insistently
“I must tell her something,
of my faults.
My imperfections sum to a total
of no bound.
In stark contrast…”
And his last words we do not understand.
Many of us have misheard him.
The data cannot be read into.

These are the lies grown men speak.
My team and I were too afraid to admit it.
We all knew the same conclusion.
I remarked at the undiscovered thought –in all our years:
“to her.”

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