December 9, 2012
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My fingers grip the round, black
phone as I unconsciously
dial a number I didn't know I remembered.
I don't know why I'm calling.
Maybe it's because
I knew you'd pick up.
But I feel like a fish
out of water if
I don't talk to you.
When I'm with you,
I can breathe underwater
and I can swim with ease.
Without your presence,
I lose my peace.
People call each other
for a reason, but me,
I have nothing to say.
With each ring, a tear
escapes from my eye and
slides down to my chin.
Several rings have gone by,
and my heart gradually loses hope.
I stay silent, listening
to the voicemail then
I end the call, I
couldn't bear leaving a message
that no one will ever hear.
I stare at the muted
phone until a tear
lands on the blackened
screen. My face crumples.
In between my hushed
sobs, I croak out:

I miss you.

Then I walk away,
wiping the cold
tears from my cheeks.

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