The Friend You Always Needed

December 8, 2012
I like books because they are a free ticket to anywhere you want to go. They allow you to lose yourself for a while and be someone you’re not. Books are an escape, from this life and the real world. They say, “Come with me, I can take you places you’ve only ever been in your dreams. I can make you happy, if only for a little while. I want to make you feel good and whole inside again.” Books help us be the person we really want to. They don’t judge you when you cry and will always catch your tears. In essence, they will always be the best friend you need. They make you laugh, when you find the right one. They make you cry, when you really need it. I think that books bring out the best in people, because that’s what they were written to do. A real book, a real story, won’t just entertain you for a while. It will help you grow and it will teach you something. We shouldn’t read to keep ourselves busy, we should read to expand our minds and build character. Books are the ultimate guide and teacher.

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