Always Theoretical

December 6, 2012
By cheerios. GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
cheerios. GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
i like a lot of quotes.
"avant-garde is french for bull" --john lennon.
"nothing recedes like progress" --e.e.cummings

i've got like 120 quotes taped on to my wall. it's hard to choose.

Sometimes I wonder
where did you go
and why I didn’t know
But you were always
a mystery to me
always just a theory

I am always looking
always in the woods
listening for your air
and searching for
your breath

But where can I find you
where should I go
how will I know which
cave to brave
and which tree to chop
when you haven’t
left me a sign
of you

How can I
keep searching
when I’m looking
through space

for someone I love
who doesn’t want to be found?

The author's comments:
based off of the quote “How will it be to lie in the sky without roof or door and wind for an eye With a cloud for shift how will I hide?” —May Swenson (poem: Question)

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