Doomed to Drown

December 6, 2012
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Every drop, despite their size has so much significance
As they fall, the little rains, they carry weight like a piece of sky
They fall so fast, faster than my feet
Their pounding on the pavement drowned out, by what?
A simple pitter- patter, but so many so loudly!
Racing, racing, me- to light, to dry
But them to me, against me
Every so small drop lands on my shoulders, my back
A new pressure, a new force pinning me down
Never will I be dry again, I’m soaked
My skin, muscle, fat has all been beaten away
Every strike is to my bone
They shudder under the force, aching and cold
I cannot run, I cannot reach and I am overwhelmed
I cannot rise up ever as the waters start to
Each and every of you drops a new sting a new weight
You looked so small and light
That your weight on my shoulders would be as the cloud you looked to be
But from such a distance away
Now you all gang up on me
Flooding, flooding, flooding
Force me down
Doomed to drown

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