Winter Rose

December 6, 2012
It was an icy winter morning
You decided we should take a walk
In the forest beyond our spot
The spot where we planted
That rose the day we made it official
Official that we were meant to be
You seemed happy to stop
Smile and reminisce about our rose
That had quickly became a large
But delicate rose bush
But the emotion didn’t reach your eyes
I should have realized then
But instead was fascinated by
A single pale blue rose dusted with snow
That image still sticks in my brain
As if it represents our last moment
Each and every day I visited our rose
And every day you withdrew from me
With every fight
And every visit
Our rose wilted more
And lost a valuable petal
We met up again in our place
Once filled with happy memories
Now filled with despair
By now it was the middle of winter
Hearing your words, my eyes fall to our rose
I look up and see you
Shrinking…getting smaller and smaller
You never look back
Kneeling in the snow
I grasp our rose in my pink hand
Wipe away tears from my pale cheeks
And whisper the words I refused to believe
Until now
“Our rose
Has died
Because of
Icy cold
Winter days.”

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