Six Ways of Looking at Emotions

December 6, 2012
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Emotions are the burdens that leave your mind wondering, “what if?” They can give you grief for the choices that you’ve made, whether they are good or bad.
Emotions are the little monsters in your mind that make you doubt yourself, hesitate, and terrify you into hiding who you are.
Emotions are the forces that are strong enough to push you off the ledge and into the abyss of depression and drive you to insanity.
Emotions are the strong muses that can lead you to a masterpiece and the drive you on the road to success.
Emotions are the reason the homeless man on the street received a quarter, one quarter away from being able to buy something small to eat for the night.
Emotions are a light that’s filled with love, kindness, and empathy that can lighten up the dark world we live in.

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