chaos in an unforgiving world part two.

December 6, 2012
Shadows fall and thunder booms,
Lightning strikes and hopes are doomed.
Hearts beats as one, and cares blow away,
Thoughts took over, took over your mind. They came from nowhere yet left you far behind…
Gasping for air, you were kicked in the gut, and fell from the crevice into the midnight black, never ever wanting to look back…
This is the wrath of our unforgiving mother,
And our sisters and brothers, are doomed we not too?

When last you did look into their eyes, you no longer saw the kind, gentle, and warm hearted.
Enter in malice, hatred and thoughtless…
That’s what you saw there. Nothing more nothing less, now it is over none the less.
Hence this is the chaos in our unforgiving world filled with hated and broken dreams, like a battlefield it almost seems…
When now I am to look upon your face I see no love,
Only disgrace, disgrace and pain, pain and heartbreak….
I’ve poured out my feelings;
I’ve shown you my side
The story has been told,
Now how will you decide?
But I have one last thing to say before I go…

Believe in your heart and trust your mind, go with your gut and realize, that mistakes may have been made but nonetheless, learn from them, learn from mine, and never make same mistake twice…
Love is a beautiful thing,
Love is a hopeless thing, but most of all, love is a wonderful thing.
No matter where or when it comes from it will find you, many, many times…

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