Siesta Key Beach, Florida

December 6, 2012
The beach--- land and sea, converging
The expanse of blinding velvet soft white sand,
The clear aqua liquid tumbling onto shore,
The cloudless sky bearing the sun
extracting sweat from foreheads,
The cool breeze brushing it away.

The smell of sunscreen hung in the air,
Arms, legs, and torso glistened in the afternoon rays,
The feeling of a warm blanket,
Enclosed our bodies and baked our skin,
As our minds wandered, neither awake nor asleep.

Constant crash of blue energy,
Water foaming at the crest,
Occasionally displaying flashes of deep green seaweed
Riding the wave until it rolls forward
Then is dragged back to sea.

Seagulls dance in wind currents,
Surveying both land and ocean,
Their beady eyes searching for a morsel,
That their red stained beak can steal
And protect from jealous wings.

Kicking up sand as we race to the water,
Seeking relief from the heat,
Feet, legs, belly, chest, emerged,
Yet the familiar shock of shivers does not occur
A thin veil of sticky salt covers our bodies,
As we float in the warm water.
Muscles release and relax,
Nothing above us but the celestial canvas of baby blue,
And we just stay there forever,
The silence comforting.

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