Ursus Americanus MAG

December 6, 2012
By Jared Detwiler BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
Jared Detwiler BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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He is King of the woods.
With two parabolic microphones atop his head,
He hears all from his wooden lighthouse,
Then climbs down his tree to meet with his woodland kingdom.

He is Powerful, yet cool and intelligent.
As an economist
He knows his omnivorous nature will
guarantee steady income,
But he justly leaves food for the rest.

A row of curved white daggers is concealed in his mouth,
And his paws contain tiny scythes.
His combative prowess is unknown by some.
They are deceived by his black fur coat
And his large haunches,
But he truly has the means to hold his position.

Still, he understands power is not
He only lashes out when provoked,
Knowing that some battles need not occur.

When he has reasonably filled his belly
He returns to his humble abode
To fast, give thanks for his share,
And meditate peacefully.

The author's comments:
One of my favorite animals is the bear. I was thinking about how lions are considered the dominant group in their ecosystem, and it got me thinking about bears. They seemed to me the dominant animal in the forest, but not in the same way that a lion would be considered one.

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