Smiles: The Lone sailor

December 8, 2012

The fluoroscent yellow mingles with the hues
of burnt orange.
A pearlescent glint of crimson or streaks of silver
rush past, casting glances in time.
Warm yet penetrating breeze, the fine mirth of
character; searching
eyes, into the depths of a bottomless soul.
Blue by various degrees, a glimpse
of green and turquoise.
Shimmery gauzes of gold and silver merge
into a spirit of adventure.
Salty breath, salt and sand,
Salty tang, pupils dilated with
knowledge of Poseidon's realm.
Comfortable in mind and soul, muscles
taut with the peace of course set.
Forehead. Creases smoothed out with
the focus set for the unseen destination.
Senses pick up on instincts, heart
overrules head.
Concentration, ready. A focus,
Destination to go.
A quirky smile crinkles, lights
up the eyes.
Corners gently tugging out the humour
Makes sense only to the owner
of this enigmatic smile.
The adventurer sets sail
into his future.
Everything in his safe,skilful
A trust in life, love,

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