A Letter From Hatred

December 7, 2012
I am a tricky feeling. I slowly grow and fester in a dark place – even though you may be reluctant to admit it. I hide in a shadowy region of your heart – not announcing that it I am here, or that I am ever so steadily and subtly growing, but just quietly feeding on whatever it is that spawned me in the first place.
Many people never know what single event spurred me into existence. Many just know that I have been born, even if they can’t pin point when.
“Why do I hate him? Was it that mean comment he made about my grades? Or the snide remark about my boyfriend? Oh never mind it must’ve been when I slipped up on my chores for a day when I was sick.”
Thoughts race through your mind as you wonder “what made me have this hatred of said object”. Even when you forget about me and calm yourself down, I will remain. I will be waiting quietly and patiently to be unleashed once again.
Love –


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