When We Stand Together

November 26, 2012
When we stand together,
No longer divided,
Strong as whole again,
We will know peace.

When we stand together,
Love our brothers,
Love our sisters.
When we follow the guide that’s inside us,
We’ll know once more,
What it means to be a land of the free,
And the home of the brave.

We’ll no longer depend on a hope that won’t be fulfilled.
We’ll no longer follow our leaders blindly,
They’ll no longer lead us astray.
They’ll no longer feed us lies.

We’ll no longer serve our empty words.
We’ll no longer break our backs,
Under the leadership of one who claims to know us,
But can never understand us.

We’ll no longer be awake at night,
Praying for the faith to be steadfast.
We’ll no longer feel the pain of oppression,
No longer hear the cries of the hungry.

When we stand together,
That’s when we’ll all win.

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