my face

December 5, 2012
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Light reflects towards my pale face –

Showing me the image I’m most embarrassed of

Ugly, Repulsive
That’s the way I was taught.
How could I ever be seen as beautiful?-
The eyes
The nose, the face.-
Come together to form some type of abstract puzzle,
One that no one has been able to decipher

Why would they want to?
The only difference I see now,

Are the faint lines that have started to develop upon my forehead –

And the sides of my mouth
Lines of me aging

Lines that have formed through the pain-
And have been left behind
The sun warms my body as I walk away from the river, through the meadow.

Beautiful flowers every where cause my heart to soften
The rays penetrate my skin and wrap around me –

It’s been so long seen we had last met.
Children run past me –

Playing games and laughing,

Without a single care in the world-
I remember those times –

Far in the distance

The moments of happiness and love

Moments when I was once-


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