Far from Forever

December 4, 2012
Many say that
“Life is a test” or that
“You are the way that you think of yourself.”
I say that
No matter what you do, or where you go,
Life is going to follow you.
Is life the moment you realize that it is
“Every man for himself”, or when
You are told that you are too young to change the world?
My father thought this, and was found
To be alone at sea, washed up on
The unforgiving shores. A limp rag,
He fled for the last refuge of sanity, but life followed him.
And is life the moment you realize you can’t have it all, and you never will?
My brother thought this, and disappeared
Out of my life, in a twilight haze of manufactured
Happiness. And is life
When you say to yourself,
“I am too good for this,
Nothing can harm me”
And it comes
This is the way life works,
Winding its way past your defenses, working
Through your throbbing soul, and
Breaking your still-beating heart.

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