When The Sun Sleeps

December 3, 2012
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When the sun sleeps, the rest of us do too
so blissfully unaware
of what goes on around us
Without a care in the world
The fairies come out, they sing and dance
The monsters deep within the Earth’s crust
come out and rejoice
the single time they are free to explore
The world we rule during the day
But only occupy at night
These creatures rule at night
marveling at the beauty of the moon
While we ponder the majesty of the sun
We see only half of the situation
and half of the life on Earth
And these nocturnal creatures who sing and dance
are aware of us, but we not of them
They are scared
of our cold machinery
the ways we could harm them
They still yet live in fear
at night
that we are also prowling
Earth’s dark and nighttime space
Just waiting
to jump out and capture them
They are unaware
so blissfully unaware
That when the sun sleeps, the rest of us do too

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