Once Upon A Lie

November 27, 2012
Don’t fall
Don’t take the twisted tormented road
Into his games
You won’t break his chain
It won’t happen
Don’t listen

I love you

It’s a lie
Don’t waste your precious tears on
He’s only here to hypnotize you
Just watch the promises
Watch his poisonous trail
Making you need more

I want to be with you forever

He says this to every victim
Make him a memory
Don’t let his
Fatal venom
Destroy your
Beating heart

I will never hurt you

Please hear me out
Don’t let his slimy mind tricks
Drag you deeper
Let go
He will hurt you

We are over

I warned you
Why didn’t you listen?
Yet again he trapped an innocent soul
His forked tounge
Oozed what you wanted to hear
He told you you’re perfect
He filled you with compliments
He devoured your guard
The lies you were so scared
Never existed
Coming from his lips
At least that’s what you believed
And now
Only now
You see
The black anaconda
Inside of him

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