Teenage Mind

December 5, 2012
I've been living,
In this world of mine,
For so long,
I lost track of time
I was always so lost,
So lonely and confused,
There were plenty of times
When I didn't know what to do
So I'd read so many stories,
Fantasized about the days,
When my own angel would come,
And steal my heart away
So I built my life on lies,
They say "Ignorance is bliss",
But I got so caught up,
I didn't realize what I'd missed
Sooner or later,
Things fell apart,
But I was so young,
I didn't know where to start
I learned secrets are meant to be kept,
Their wicked and evil,
Not worth the pain and misery,
Once they are spilled
I knew I had to stop,
The day I realized this wasn't okay,
I was already a goner,
This was my worst mistake
They tried to say,
They tried to make me see,
But no matter how hard I tried,
In my angel I still believedI don't know when I will stop,
Part of me knows that I should,
Sadly the other part,
Knows I'm up to no good.

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