Teenage Mind

December 5, 2012
By crazyaboutbooks SILVER, Irving, Texas
crazyaboutbooks SILVER, Irving, Texas
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"Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?"

I've been living,
In this world of mine,
For so long,
I lost track of time
I was always so lost,
So lonely and confused,
There were plenty of times
When I didn't know what to do
So I'd read so many stories,
Fantasized about the days,
When my own angel would come,
And steal my heart away
So I built my life on lies,
They say "Ignorance is bliss",
But I got so caught up,
I didn't realize what I'd missed
Sooner or later,
Things fell apart,
But I was so young,
I didn't know where to start
I learned secrets are meant to be kept,
Their wicked and evil,
Not worth the pain and misery,
Once they are spilled
I knew I had to stop,
The day I realized this wasn't okay,
I was already a goner,
This was my worst mistake
They tried to say,
They tried to make me see,
But no matter how hard I tried,
In my angel I still believedI don't know when I will stop,
Part of me knows that I should,
Sadly the other part,
Knows I'm up to no good.

The author's comments:
Teenagers are complicated human beings, almost as complicated as a whole new species. We have good days and bad days and days that are just plain in the middle. We have all sorts of problems we face and its impossible to imagine what we are thinking when we are faced with those types of situations. Parents think they get us and sometimes they do but mostly we're so complicated we don't even get ourselves at times; and how are counselors and parents going to help when you yourself are so lost
and confused?. But maybe this would give those people some insight, I don't know, or
just give them something to read.
I just hope you get what I'm saying, because this is just what I think of the teenage
mind- which according to me is the worlds biggest mystery.

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